1. Nothing's Easy

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Nothing's Easy

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released April 2, 2021
Writers: Brianna Ibarra and Mark Pico
Producer: Mark Pico
Co-producer: Brianna Ibarra
Mixing Engineer: Lynne Earls
Mastering Engineer: Joseph Freeman
Drums: Jonathan Schlitt
Clarinet: Jonathan Galbreath
Lead vocals and background vocals: Brianna Ibarra
all other Instruments (bass, guitar, piano, synth): Mark Pico

Recorded at PicoLand Studio & Brianna Ibarra's home studio


Long Shadows in a dim lit cell
You're tired of picking locks
Your eyes are like two wishing wells
Dried of every drop

And I know it isn’t new
But this is all that I can do
I don’t care, I really should
But I don’t love you like I could
Giving nothing’s so easy when you’re so good

Sitting on the foot of my bed
Our disguises on the floor
Can’t take back words I never said
You deserve so much more

And I know it isn’t new
But I can’t see myself committing to
A version of me more mature
I only wish you understood
That giving nothing’s so easy when you’re so good

Suddenly what feels like an hour
Is only a single moment
I’m stumbling, I can feel the power
Of all these years I’ve stolen

(Of all these years I’ve stolen)